YMPmedia, LLC  i.e.  IBTHHRADIO was created with the purpose of utilizing radio and video streaming technology to inform, educate and entertain a worldwide body of socially responsible individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic brackets. We bring, the common, uniting denominator – The Music. 

Music should enlighten and uplift. Conversation should always be positive and productive. Performing and visual artists, activists, business owners, and community members should have a platform to showcase their independent talents. We aim to provide the space for all these things to co-exist and, through this, for radio culture to thrive. 

IBTHHRadio, is offering an internship program per semester focused on broadcasting, radio, radio culture development, and community building. The program will include the opportunity for interns to complete 10 – 20 hours of credit weekly through a 3 week training including required reading, production, social media, software, and exploring the  YMPmedia, LLC network. Throughout the program semester, interns will take hands-on work in the station and at our events, along with using their acquired skills to collectively develop a program/ event exclusively for IBTHHRadio. 

Internship Positions Available 
Station Management Internship 
Journalism Internship 
Board Coordinator Internship 
Social Media Internship 
Administrative Assistant Internship 

Minimum GPA 2.7 
Reliable transportation 
Computer skills ( Word Processing, Email, Fax, Copier/Printer) 
Exceptional time management 
Effective communication skills 
Video and picture editing skills 
Social media marketing knowledge 
Knowledge of popular culture (music, politics, art, religion, urban issues, issue pertaining to members of the African diaspora) 

How To Apply 
Complete Survey/ Application 
Send the following documents via email at 

Social Media Handles
Portfolio (Depending on position) 
2 Letters of recommendation 

Applicants will be notified to take part in internship interview.